Miami is one of those places we all long to go to. It promises a care-free week of hot weather, hotter men and women and equally hot dance floors. It’s the ultimate place to escape to if you’re looking for a good time.

I, happened to be looking for exactly that, and packing my bags, with a whole lot of excitement, I opened my arms to everything Miami had to offer.

(Please note how much excitement is on my face right now)

The getting there:

Flying in you can go to MIA, Miami International Airport or FL, Fort Lauderdale Airport, which is a twenty-minute drive into downtown Miami. I flew into Fort Lauderdale as often cheaper flights go into there, so good tip, and the ride down is actually really beautiful. Palm trees line every road and you’ll drive past blue waters.

The accommodation:

Obviously, Miami has every kind of accommodation option available so you’re spoilt for choice. I wanted to stay in the thick of it, really get a feel for those Miami nights, so I stayed at the Hilton on South Beach. Sometimes big chains can feel a little generic so I often avoid them, but these guys were amazing. Side note, everyone in Miami is so helpful and friendly and always want to chat to you, so maybe it was just standard Miami hospitality, but these guys really went above and beyond to answer all my strange room service requests. (Don’t ask).

The food:

As you guys all know, my stomach is the way to my heart and eating might just be my favourite pastime. So before I do anything, let me tell you about one of the most incredible restaurants I went to out there, The Matador Room. It’s one of the best fine dining restaurants I’ve been to recently and is a mix of Caribbean, Spanish and Latin cuisines. The food was phenomenal with a beef dish that actually, literally, melted in my mouth. Not to mention their homemade tangerine habanero sauce which was, hands-down, the most incredible habanero sauce of my life. It had tangerine in it you guys! TANGERINE! My mind is still blown.

 (The smile on my face is all because of the habanero sauce)

Also, and this is an important point, the décor is like fairyland and an incredible place for taking pictures so make sure you go with patient friends who are willing to take lots of pictures of you.

Now onto all the other food. With such a heavy Cuban and Caribbean influence, it goes without saying that the food in Miami is on some next level game. From little Cuban restaurants that are family run, to big chains like The Cheesecake Factory (can we talk about how good their bread is?), and some incredible street food, you don’t need to worry about picking up a good meal.

Some recommendations if you want to hit up a few places that aren’t fine dining:

       The Wynwood Diner. The best truffle fries and beef ribs in the entire states, plus an amazing vibe. Their building is the one with graffiti all over it – can’t miss it.

       Coyo Taco. You’ll never eat more tacos in your life than when you go to Miami, but be sure to hit up Coyo for some of the best. Plus, after a certain time, if you walk through the back of the restaurant, you’ll find a club that plays the best R&B and Hip Hop tunes. That night was one of my favourites because who doesn’t want to dance all night and then eat tacos? NOONE that’s who!

       World Famous House of Mac. Okay so this is a food truck in Wynwood, but dear lord make sure you go. Their mac and cheese is ridiculously good and again, their truffle fries are amazing. (Can you see a theme emerging here?)

The places to go:

So Miami is very specific as a place and people go there to party, so it’s mainly hanging out on South Beach in the day, or partying in Brickell or South Beach at night. Basically, South Beach never stops. That might actually be a fact.

(South Beach living)

However, if you’re looking for a break from the sea and sand, because we all know sand gets a little much at times, then head over to Wynwood.

It’s one of the most famous art districts in the world and you will see some incredible murals on walls and entire buildings painted. It’s basically like stepping into a rainbow. The Wynwood Walls showcase some of the best up and coming talent, and even the pavements and walls are lined with stencils, random art work and stickers. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my stickers too J

(Take an afternoon to just lazily walk around Wynwood and you’ll see beautiful things)

Miami doesn’t stop so if you’re after a quiet holiday full of lazy days, Miami isn’t the place for you. Everyone is on a hype and everything moves at 110%. But if you are, like I was, looking for something to kick start all of your senses as you throw adulthood and responsibility to the wind for a few days, then pack your bags because you’re going to Miami. (Welcome to Miami) (I’m singing the song in my head right now).