My birthday was looming on the horizon and I knew I wanted to go away just before it. After a year that has tested me more than any other year, I wanted to end it in a nice way, and welcome my next year in feeling refreshed and relaxed after a little bit of luxury, and nowhere does luxury better than Dubai. Plus, Dubai in April is the perfect weather as it’s just before it gets unbearably hot. You’ll be treated to days between 30-36 degrees which for some is too hot, but for me is perfection. I was born in a desert after all.

The accommodation:

The first shout out needs to go to my hotel, The H Dubai, because they were so helpful in retrieving my friends lost luggage, which is such a stressful situation and not what you need at the start of your holiday. They were incredible. Apart from that, the hotel was gorgeous and the room service for my 3am falafel cravings never let me down. Plus, their breakfast buffet every morning was one of the best I’ve ever had. The range of food and quality was something else. I still think about that breakfast bar every morning when I’m making my own porridge and wondering where I went wrong in life.

(There is nothing better than being brought tea in bed in the morning)

The food:Dubai does dining so so well, whether you want fine dining or just your standard restaurants. Their service is always impeccable and the food so fresh. Some of my favourites:

  • Zuma. All the sushi you could ever want and a beautiful restaurant.
  • Eggspectations. This name still cracks me up and because breakfast is one of my favourite meals, I will always head over here.
  • Bianca. This is a little Italian restaurant on JBR walk, and is relatively new. It’s so gorgeous outside with a lovely atmosphere and the food was delicious. Make sure you get the mini churros for desert. They’re amazing.
  • Mognolia Bakery. We don’t have this chain in the UK, so if I’m ever in America or Dubai, it’s one of the first places I hit up. Their banana pudding is all you’ll ever need in this life, trust me.

The places to go:

There is literally everything in Dubai. Whatever you had in mind, from skydiving to water sports to desert safaris, you can do it. I’ve been to Dubai a few times and this trip wanted to unwind after some non-stop months, so it was important to find the right places I could unwind.

Which is why the One & Only on the Palm became my favourite place in Dubai. Firstly, thank you so much to them for having me and essentially treating me like a queen every day I was there. Secondly, I cannot rave about this place enough, or recommend it more highly. It was a bit like being in paradise. Their service is impeccable and so friendly, their beach is beautiful, their spa possibly the most tranquil place I’ve been in with a foot massage to die for, and their pool is like lying next to heaven. I’m not even exaggerating.

(I could have spent my entire holiday by this pool – I LOVE . good hotel pool. I’ll never stay at a hotel with a bad pool)

(The ground of the One & Only are so peaceful) 

(The best beach on the palm) 

Aside from that take a trip up the Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest buildings ever. Book your tickets in advance as the queues can get pretty long. I went at night to see all the lights, but I hear it’s also spectacular in the day.

(A shameless back shot because my dress was great) 

You can’t go to Dubai without visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It is in Abu Dhabi, but you can hire a car to take you or get the bus. It’s about an hour and a half drive and so very worth it. The architecture of the place is beautiful and shouldn’t be missed.

(This place get’s so busy as the day goes on, so try and go early) 

(Take some time to chill by the water pools and enjoy it. Maybe take sunglasses too because the sunlight off all that white marble will have you squinting) 

If you like water parks then head straight over to Atlantis for a day of immense fun. I loved their water park and also, Atlantis is worth seeing. If you don’t want to get wet, you can always head over there for dinner or brunch on the weekend. Brunch in Dubai is a must – it’s a huge thing out there. But remember, the weekend starts on Friday though.


Or if you just want to shop, something Dubai is famous for, then Dubai Mall has everything you could ever want. Including lots of bakeries to get cupcakes. (Just saying).

People often complain about Dubai being a bubble and lacking in culture or history, and in relation to other countries, yes, it’s relatively new. However, I went looking for a bubble to jump into because sometimes, amidst the grind and struggle of daily life, these bubbles are what we need most.